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Corporate Events

From Christmas Parties,  to Award Evenings & Conferences, we aim to deliver events that achieve maximum impact & the highest level of professionalism

Whatever your event planning requirements, get in touch to see how we can help.



Been given the task of delivering this year’s conference... what do you do? Start by making your life easier & contacting us to discuss what help you require. 

We can help you with the entire event, or just some of it,  either way, we can help you and give you the opportunity to shine.


Whether it be an office do, a girlie night, or a big bash with all the trimmings, we have the ideas to make your Christmas party memorable.   

We'll ensure your Christmas party is remembered for all the right reasons. 


Within every industry there is an opportunity for an awards event to acknowledge & reward, Perfectly Planned Occasions can help plan, organise & execute a wide variety of award events.

We ensure you achieve maximum impact and the highest level of professionalism.    


We are happy to discuss what benefits we can bring to the table and how we can help you make more of the budget and the training company's time. 

If you think a training event may benefit your organisation then don't hesitate to contact us. 

Charity Fundraisers

Requests for support for local charities are regularly received and there are also all of the national campaigns to consider. We all want to pledge our support but it can become time consuming.

We can work with you to plan and deliver events that will be beneficial to both your company and the chosen charities.

nothing is beyond possible

If you would like an event planning or an activity organised that is not listed on this page or site, please
contact us...

As each event we organise is bespoke, the price for our services will be provided after the initial consultation has taken place and we know the work that is required, nothing is too big or small.